Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Be Stress Free

Meditate. Daily meditation not only centers your soul, but it vacuums out your brain of unnecessary debris. Simple sit in a comfortable position with your back erect, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Let your mind ramble about until it bores itself and you can concentrate simply on your breath moving in and out. Make your practice as lengthy and elaborate as you like, adding incense, chanting and Tibetan bells if desired. You can use meditation any time, like on a packed, rush-hour subway or even in the dentist’s chair, to bring you stress-free peace of mind.

  • Exercise. Physical exercise, even something as simple as a morning walk with the dog, has been shown to greatly reduce stress. Any pent-up emotions or overloaded brain sockets can be cleared by busting your muscles to their full capacity. Yoga is a glorious way to help stay stress-free

  • Remember you are human. You are not Superman or Wonder Woman. Sorry. Humans make mistakes and humans can only do things humanly possible. Go figure. Stop beating yourself up by trying to accomplish too much or putting impossible expectations on yourself or yourself or others.

  • Ask yourself “How important is it?” While many things will feel like the end of the world as they are happening, they are really not. You’ll get through them. Some you won’t even remember next week, although they are making you stressed-out today. Another good question is to ask if you, or anyone else will remember the thing that’s killing you now in two years. Two weeks. Two days. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Don’t sweat any stuff.

  • Take time for yourself. A schedule packed with too many to dos never gives you time to pamper and care for the most important person in the world: yourself. You can’t tend to anything outside yourself without stressing out or with much effectiveness unless you make sure to also take care of yourself. This could include something as simple as daily naps or weekly baths to a day in the sun reading the most mindless novel possible.

  • Say no. There are only so many hours in a day. Don’t fill them with obligations you have neither a desire nor reason to undergo. Saying “no” can be tough, but it can also reduce stress a million-fold and increase your sanity likewise.

  • Detach often. When the world is swirling crazy around you, close your eyes and mentally take yourself out of the situation. Meditation plays a great key in helping to detach from seemingly impossible or intolerable situation.

  • When life has its moments, take a deep breath and close your eyes. Imagine being in an airplane, on a boat, or sailing the ocean. Think "Blue Skies." That's all you see: blue, happy, lovely, free!

    Take life one day at a time. You cannot do it all at once, but you keep faith that you can do it all at some time, and you keep striving to get there.

    Keep positive thoughts! Believe in your self first! You have to believe in yourself in a positive way before others can believe you. Have hope and faith that everything will be all right. Faith and hope will see you through! That is the "Secret." You believe it, with all your heart, attract it, free yourself of negative things and thoughts and you'll achieve whatever it is you seek.

    When you keep the positive thoughts going, every day for you will be "Blue Skies."

    by: ehow

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