Thursday, November 24, 2011

How To Avoid and Get Rid of Cracked Heels

How To Avoid Cracked Heels:

    • Use a good moisturizing cream at least twice a day to each heel. The cream should be oil-based to add extra hydration. 
    • Use a foot file or pumice stone to reduce thickening of the skin and calluses. For best results, use a pumice stone when feet are dry. 
    • Use a sea salt scrub on occasion. Oil-based salt scrubs are a gentle way to eliminate dry skin and moisturized the feet at the same time.
    • Seek the treatment of a podiatrist if the problem persists and becomes unbearable.
    • Wear shoes with good heel support. Socks should also be worn with shoes at all times. If needed, insoles can be purchased to add extra support.

    • Avoid being barefoot, especially on hard surfaces such as concrete, wood floors and tile.

      How To Cure Cracked Heels:
        • If your heels are dry to the point of being cracked, start by getting rid of that excess dead skin. You can use a foot file found at most drug stores. When using a file, it helps to have soaked the feet a bit to soften the skin. Then just file the excess off.
          You can also use a product like PedEgg. The skin should be dry when using a PedEgg so there is no need to soak. Again, just file off the excess dead skin. The PedEgg is even designed to catch the skin shavings for you.
        • Once your heels are free of the cracked, dead skin, apply a foot cream or moisturizer. There are products made especially for feet so seek those out. A good time to put on moisturizer is right before going to bed.
          Putting on socks after moisturizing will help keep the moisturizer on your feet so it can absorb through the night.
        • Repeat Steps 1 and 2 as often as necessary to maintain smooth skin. It may take a while before your feet reach "maintenance" level.
          The more you moisturize, the less often you should have to repeat Step 1.

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