Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How To Make The Shampoo Smell Stay In Your Hair

    • Choose a strong-smelling shampoo. Strong smells are more noticeable in the hair and are harder to cover up.
    • Avoid using conditioner. Adding another smell covers up the smell of the shampoo. Plus, rinsing the hair again also removes more of the shampoo smell.
    • Forget styling products. Styling products usually contain heavy scents, which mean they cover up the smell of shampoo. If styling products are necessary, find one that matches the shampoo so the smell matches.

    • Spray away from the hair. Even though perfumes and colognes stay well when sprayed in the hair, avoid spraying them there. They will cover up the smell of shampoo. Instead, just spray the pulse points on the wrists and neck. Don't spray in the air and walk through it, either.
    • Keep pollutants at a distance. Environmental pollutants such as cigarette smoke, car exhaust and strong scents stick to the hair, covering up the smell of shampoo. The closer the contact with the pollutant, the more the hair absorbs the smell. Standing next to someone smoking a cigarette will almost definitely cover up the smell of shampoo in the hair completely.
    • Wash it right before going out. The smell of shampoo fades over time, regardless of how much other smells and pollutants stay away. Shampoo your hair as soon before leaving as possible to keep the smell from the shampoo fresh.

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