Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cure And Prevent Insomnia

1. Use your couch for watching television and your bed for sleeping. Lounging around in your bed during the day may make it hard for you to get to sleep. If you use the couch for leisure activities, your body will soon realize that your bed should be used for sleeping purposes only.

2. Create a schedule for yourself. Getting up and going to bed at the same time every night will help cure insomnia by telling your body that there is a specific time when you need to sleep. It doesn't matter if you set your schedule for 8:00 at night or 11:00 at night, your body needs a pattern.

3. Take a warm bath to clear your mind. Thinking about work or your schedule for the next day will only make your insomnia worse. Get rid of all the stressful things on your mind so you can simply focus on sleep. A bath will also make you more drowsy and willing to shut those eyes to get some sleep.

4. Spray a lavender mist on your pillow and sheets. Studies have proven that the scent of lavender provides relaxation which helps you sleep better.

5. Keep a regular schedule so that your internal clock allows you to rest at the right hour. Avoid naps during the day that can interfere with that.

6. Avoid stressful or strenuous activities before bedtime. Violent images from movies or tv can cause undue stress and dreams or even nightmares.

7. Eliminate bright lights in the bedroom. Purchase curtains that block light and turn off night lights.

8. Eliminate any alcoholic or caffeinated drinks right before bedtime. Caffeine will prevent you from falling asleep. Excessive alcohol can help you fall asleep but not for long. It will make your body dehydrated and often times it will make you wake early and have trouble sleeping after that.

9. Avoid big meals or high sugar treats a few hours before bedtime. A heavy meal can cause stomach issues including acid reflux. Foods with high sugar content can cause you to be jittery.

10. Get a mattress that fits your needs. It's amazing how well people sleep after they purchase a new firm mattress.

11.Inc rease your activity level during the day to alleviate pent up energy.

12. Consult a doctor if you fear the insomnia is due to depression, anxiety or a medical condition.

13. Over the counter medication such as sleeping pills can be used but sparingly. They have been known to be addictive and for some they are less effective over time. It is better to consult your doctor before trying sleeping pills or sedatives.

14. Avoid eating a large meal two hours before bedtime. Digestion can be disruptive to relaxation.

15. Apply a hot or cold compress to your stomach. Many holistic health practitioners believe that this will divert energy from the head which causes too much stimulation for relaxation.

16. Valerian root tea or tincture may cause drowsiness in some people.

17. Deep breathing can induce relaxation. Take slow, deep breaths, or listen to a breathing tape.

18. Some research has shown that listening to music can induce sleep.

19. Eat foods high in tryptopahn, such as turkey, bananas, figs, tuna, nut butter, etc.

20. Chamomile tea and kava kava are known for calming the body. Avoid chamomile if you have ragweed allergies.

21. A calcium/magnesium supplement has a calming effect. Talk to your doctor about adding magnesium if you have a heart condition.

22. Melatonin is a natural hormone which will induce sleep if your body is low on this hormone. Use only occasionally and do not give to children.


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