Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How To Feel Sexy During Pregnancy

1. Waxing and Shaving: You'll find that as your stomach grows larger, it becomes more and more difficult to shave anything below your waist. If you have the time, money, and pain tolerance, get a professional waxing for your legs and/or bikini line every month in your second and third trimesters. Even a one-time waxing in the ninth month will help you to feel better both at the end of your pregnancy and in the delirious weeks following your baby's birth. But be warned: Your body is super-vascular right now, so waxing will hurt more than usual (much as it does right before your period).

If you aren't keen on either waxing or the "natural look", then buy a hand mirror. As your stomach grows larger, you can sit on the edge of your tub or on your toilet to shave your legs, and then use the hand mirror to help you shave your bikini line. Do you get razor bumps when the hair grows back? Prevent it by applying antiperspirant (stick or roll-on, not spray) to your bikini line every day after shaving.

2. Pedicures: At some point, you won't be able to reach (or even see) your feet. That will eventually mean rough heels, long toenails, and chipped polish ~ not a recipe for feeling your best. Pedicures are one indulgence that becomes a near necessity during the late months of pregnancy. If you're short on funds or time, go to your local nail shop and get a basic manicure for $15-$20. But, if you can, treat yourself to a "spa-style" pedicure, complete with foot massage and glorious, extraneous pampering; in most cities, this will run you $45-$70 (depending on the length and depth of the treatment). Or, do the spa-style treatment once, and then get a basic pedicure every 2 weeks after that for maintenance.

3. Lingerie: It feels great to slob around in sweatpants (yours or your husbands) and a t-shirt when you're pregnant. But at least one night a week, put on something that makes you feel sexy. If you can't find or afford maternity lingerie, go to a department store and find a baby-doll or empire-waist nightgown. Or, buy a sexy bra (it doesn't necessarily have to be a maternity bra ~ just find a regular bra in the size that fits you now) and underwear, and wear a silky robe or button-down shirt over those. Wear what makes you feel good about your changing body, whether that's your newly-inflated chest, your gorgeously round stomach, or your glowing skin.

4. CHOOSE CLOTHES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL SEXY - I see pregnant women everywhere in oversized tee shirt and sweats. Yes it's comfortable, but if you're going for sexy, don't even think about it.  Instead, try comfortable knits, but in fashionable styles. Motherhood Maternity has some really cute styles that are both comfortable and sexy.

Don't forget accessories. Add some awesome jewelery and a fabulous purse to your looks. Choose comfortable, yet stylish shoes. Thank goodness flats are in style. I wouldn't attempt stilettos unless it's a really special occasion.

5. CAPITALIZE ON THAT GIFT OF LUXURIOUS HAIR - Pregnancy gives most women a great head of shiny, thick hair, so make the most of it. Don't fall for the temptation of cutting it all off in favor of something short and easy to manage. YOU WILL REGRET IT. Most women can't pull off short hair when pregnant. Some can, but why take that chance. Instead, go to a stylist and let them counsel you in what will look best on you now. Don't just pull it back in a pony tail either. When your hair is looking fabulous, you just can't help but feel sexier.

6. YOUR NAILS ARE THE BOMB, SO MAKE THE BEST OF THEM. - It's a well-known fact that pregnant women have great nails. Go for super-sexy colors and draw attention to those long, gorgeous nails. This is also a great time to justify a professional pedicure. After all, the feet are not an easy place to reach right now.

7.  DON'T SKIMP ON MAKEUP AND OTHER BEAUTY MUST DO'S - I have 4 kids, so I know the temptation is there to just skip out on the makeup. It's not a good idea if your goal is looking great. Mineral powder makeup is fast and light. Try a shade that matches your skin for a super-fast application that won't weigh you down. Add powder eye shadow in a color that makes your eyes pop.
brown eyes look great in purples
blue eyes look best in browns
green and hazel eyes are pretty in pinks
(everyone can wear neutrals)

Mousse blush is amazing. It's light, and blends in better than anything I've tried. Choose a pinkish shade for a naturally sexy look. (pink is the most natural shade, because a true blush is pinkish in color)

Don't forget your lips. Try some chapstick for moisture, and follow up with a long-wearing lipstick in a color you love. Reds are the sexiest color, but trying a reddish brown or pink may be more your style. The trick is to wear what makes you feel sexy, because when you feel sexy, you will be sexy.

8. YOUR ATTITUDE IS WHAT MAKES YOU SEXY - Tell yourself how sexy you are every day, whenever you look in the mirror. Positive affirmations really do transform how you think about yourself. Don't let negative feelings invade your mind. Fight them with positive thoughts. Soon, you'll be in the habit of "right thinking".

When you feel frumpy, that's how you come across to others. If you take the steps to look great, you'll feel great, and everyone will notice. That's what makes a woman sexy no matter if she's pregnant or not.


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