Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How To Find Your Bra Size

How to Measure Bra Size

First put on your favorite bra that you think makes your breasts the right shape and feels most comfortable. Next you will need to find a flexible measuring tape (the kind a seamstress would use). You may also need to grab a trusted friend to help you measure, since it is difficult to keep the tape level around your body. The first measurement to take is around your ribcage, just below your breasts. Now add 5 to this number to get your band size. If the resulting band size was an odd number, you will need to round up to the next even number since bra bands only come in even numbers.

The second measurement should be taken around the fullest part of your bosom with your favorite bra on. This measurement is your cup size. Next subtract your band size from your cup size to calculate the right cup size. Refer to the bra cup size chart below.

Bra Size Chart

1 larger than measurement 1--------------------A
2 larger than measurement 1--------------------B
3 larger than measurement 1--------------------C
4 larger than measurement 1--------------------D
5 larger than measurement 1--------------------E
6 larger than measurement 1--------------------F

Finding Your Bra Size, Even if Your Department Store Doesnt Carry It

Bra Stores

I really believe that one reason why so many women are wearing the wrong bras size is because local department stores only carry a very limited, standard size selection. We all think that we are suppose to fit in that limited size assortment, which is just not realistic. If you dont perfectly fit in the standard bras size, most women settle for mediocre fit of what is available, on sale and in the prettiest color.

I too, find myself in a rather hard to find size. I am also someone who prefers to stock up on everyday clothing items when they are on sale, which has been harder after learning my proper size. My new strategy is to buy the proper size, on sale and online. If I can find one at the store, I try it on and then stock up on that style through an online retailer. They are well stocked on unusual sizes and have sales all the time. Many offer free shipping deals, as well.

Have a Professional Measure Your Correct Bra Size

Completely frustrated at the department store trying on the wrong size bras, I had to call in the little old woman sales assistant in the bra department to measure my size in the dressing room. I will admit I was a bit shy, but at least I would have a solid answer from a real bra professional. With the tape measure she too, measured the same measurements as I had myself. But when looking at me in the 32A, she saw the problem. She sweetly went out and searched for a 32B bra size for me to try. After trying on this new size it fit absolutely perfect! I was ecstatic and quite happy with the shape result and added perkiness.

The moral of the story is have a bra professional fit you with the proper bra size. Measuring with a tape measure may not be enough to get the perfect fit bra. And trust me, a correct size bra makes for a shapely, perky bosom with comfort. If your measured bra size is not translating well to the bra size try going up or down a cup or band size for the perfect fit.

What the Right Bra Size Shouldnt Do

With so many ladies wearing the wrong bra size, I thought I would take a moment to discuss the signs that you might be wearing the wrong size bra. Below is a list of no-nos when it comes to bra fit.

Breasts should not fall out below the bra when raising your hands above your head. If they do try, going down a band size

The middle part of your bra that sits between your breasts should sit flat on your rib cage. If it doesnt try, going up a cup size.

The band of your bra should stay level around the circumference of your body. A band that rides up in the back means your band size is too big.

The bra straps should only be 10% of the support your bra gives. If your bras straps are doing all the work, consider going down a band size.

Breasts should fit comfortably into the bra cup with no overflow, double-bubble, or wrinkles in the bra fabric.

Your bra band should not be giving you the illusion of back fat. If this is happening try a larger band size or a difference style bra.

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