Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How To Get Rid of Pimples

Pimples are as pesky as can be. They’re unannounced, annoying, and just downright ugly! So how do you get rid of a pesky pimple that comes knocking without a warning? There are many products out there that can help you get rid of pimples, but you could be wasting your money on something that might not work for your skin.

The best thing you can do is find relief with something you already have right in your own home. Press a chilled chamomile tea bag against the pimple which will reduce the redness.

Crush an aspirin and blend it with water to make a paste that will help de-clog your pores. Dab on some bacteria-killing benzoyl peroxide (you can find that at any drug store) and this will also work as not only a treatment but as a cover-up as well.

So now you have a pimple fighting potion that not only costs you nothing,but will also work wonders for your skin. So try this method…you won’t be disappointed!

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