Thursday, February 24, 2011

How To Have Sexy Legs

Beautiful Sexy Legs
Besides their eyes and breasts, women's legs are a primary target for men's visual inspection. Men highly value those which are very long, with beautifully shaped calves, but not too muscular.
Beautiful legs normally have a space between ankle and calves and between calves and knees, and a small space above the touching knees. This, however, does not automatically mean that just because your legs are not like that, they are not attractive and well shaped.

Many women think that their legs are too fat or too thin.
Unfortunately, the actual shape of your legs cannot be easily changed. However, with exercise you can improve muscle tone and make them look better.

How To Have Beautiful Legs:
  • If your legs are too fat, lose fat by going on a sensible diet and exercise. Start a regular sport activity or go to the gym.
  • Sometimes, legs may not be fat, but look heavy, because of bad circulation. Put your legs and feet up.
  • If your legs are too thin, improve them with exercise. The legs can look much more attractive with better muscle tone.
    Walking and bicycling are wonderful exercises for shapely legs. At the office, walk up the stairs, instead of taking the elevator!
  • Avoid standing for prolonged periods of time to reduce the appearance of varicose veins.
  • Smooth legs look more appealing than fuzzy legs. Creams can be used as hair removers, and there are quite a number of shaving tools present in the market. But the best natural depilatory is a turmeric paste, apply it before a bath, and leave it on to dry.
  • After a bath, make your skin feel good by moisturising it.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure
  • Avoid baths that are too hot
  • Elevate or raise your legs when sleeping
  • Always finish your shower with a cold water jet on your legs
  • Drink a lot

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