Friday, February 25, 2011

Tips On How To Lose Weight Quickly

1. Everybody loves eggs but eating eggs while you are dieting does not seem like such a good idea. It is strongly advised that you lessen your intake of eggs to only three days in week. However, if you are really fond of eggs do not take more than one in a day.

2. Chocolates should not be a part of your daily life. They are a luxury and should be kept as a luxury. It is best if you do not indulge much in them. Just imagine the tons of sugar, butter and cream used in chocolates. All these three items once settled in the stomach are difficult to come off.
Never stick to one kind of food, always keep on experimenting. For instance, if you had potato salad today have a fruit salad tomorrow. If you will keep on trying new things you will never get bored of your diet.

3. Alcoholic beverages should be avoided at all costs, they are not at all good for you. Beer is extremely fattening. The rest of the alcoholic drinks might not be so fattening but once you have had a couple of drinks you will not be in your senses and as a result you might end up eating allot of food.

4. Breakfast is the most important deal of the day and you should have it in the first hour of waking up so that your body is given all the energy it needs for the entire day. But just because breakfast is very important it does not mean it should be extraordinarily heavy.

5. According to the myth you are not supposed to have allot of carbohydrates while you are on a diet, this is not true. In fact it is the other way round, your diet should consist of 50 to 55% of carbohydrates.

6. 30% of you diet should be consisting of proteins. As we carry out our daily activities the process of building and breaking down of muscles goes on. To keep our body Strong we need plenty of proteins in our body.

7. The total fats we should consume is somewhere between 15 to 20%.

8. If you really are looking for best ways to loose weight then vegetarian diet is the diet for you. The advantages attached with vegetarian diet are many. Just do it for a week and you yourself will notice the magnificent difference. You will feel extraordinary energetic.

9. If you cannot live without meat then go for white meat rather than the red meat. White meat consists of fish and fowl, it is bazillions times much better than beef and port.

10. Quit white bread and start eating high whole grain breads. When you are on a diet you should try to increase your fiber intake as much as you can. So apart from eating fruits which have allot of fiber in it also ea white bread.

11. Everything made out of pork should be thrown out of your fridge and never bought back. Bacon, sausages and ham are really fattening and they should not be going in your stomach in any way.

12. Sugar should be lessened as much as possible. You should stop taking those things which have allot of sugar in them try going for unsweetened things. They are sweet but they are not fattening at all.

13. I am sure you must have heard of people telling you about taking three meals per day. Today lets learn something new and that is grazing. With grazing you can eat five to six times in a day just the amount would be much less than that of your three proper meals. In my opinion those are the best methods to burn fat and keep it off.

14. In burning fat quickly is to determine the amount of calories you intake per day. You know those small labels on the wrappers, ya, well those actually have some useful health information and aren’t just interesting to read when you’re bored. Carry around a small notebook or paper around with you wherever you go everyday and write the amount of calories in the food you eat. Add up the total amount at the end of the day and then put a big circle around it. That number is how many calories you are eating everyday. If you want to find out how much your body really needs, use one of the many available weight loss tools online to check.

15. Now you move on to the next part, which is exercise. They say that an average person loses one pound of every 3,500 calories he burns. So if you want to burn forty pounds, you’re going to need a lot of exercise. But don’t be discouraged, starting with short sessions and then extending them gradually is the best weight loss tip you will ever hear. Jogging for about half an hour a day is a great start, then take that up a notch and do it for an hour after a week or so. Swimming and riding a bike are two other great ways to lose weight while having fun. Pick something you’re good at or have friends that you can do it with and then stick to it. Exercising and watching what you eat are probably the only two weight loss tips that work you need to hear, there really is nothing else to it.

16. Antioxidants found in tea are extremely beneficial for weight loss and health. Coming in at number 1 for the least antioxidants is black tea, next is green tea, then red tea and then last comes the rarest tea in the world and that is white tea. The baby tea leaf of the black tea plant is called white tea and when you use these teas to replace all the bad drinks in your life totally and completely permanently you will be washing the toxins out of your body and the weight will come off easier. But when you are drinking the tea and replacing all the harmful drinks you will get the most effect out of them by not loading them down with sugar. Instead use pure honey in place of the sugar. Honey is actually known as a weight loss substance as well.

17. The last method listed here will be what you eat with. Eating with the utensils we in America call the fork and spoon causes weight gain. That is because with each bite we take we are stuffing our mouths with a lot of food, we eat fast, when this happens the body can not effectively digest the food and we will eat more food than we need before we fill full. So to change this, drop the utensils and start using chop sticks to eat with (no wonder Asians are so thin!).


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