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How To Increase Your Height Or Grow Taller

1. The first step involves your diet and nutrition. Go by the phrase, "don't eat what you don't need" - consume what you have to and that is all. For your body to grow, you mainly need calcium and protein. Calcium helps to strengthen and maintain your bones and teeth, while protein helps to build and repair your muscles and tissues. You need both of these nutrients to grow - you also need a few other vitamins and nutrients but we will discuss that later.

2. The second step involves your sleeping habits. Sleeping is important for growth because your brain releases more growth hormone when your body is calm and relaxed - a state perfectly achieved by sleeping for adequate periods of time. Make sure you sleep in a comfortable environment and get around 8 hours of sleep each and every night.

3. The third step involves your posture. Having a good posture can instantly make you taller! A good posture also makes you appear more attractive, young and energetic. Use a mirror if you need to - get your body properly aligned and make sure you make it a habit! Don't ever slouch! At the same time though, don't lean back too much either, you need to get your body all straight.

4. The fourth step to increasing your height naturally involves your exercise routine. Exercise has unlimited benefits - it can reduce your likelihood of obtaining most common diseases and problems. A good exercise routine can also help strengthen and build your entire body, including your bones and muscles. You need exercise to grow taller! Try to do some basketball, swimming, yoga and stretching. If you lack commitment, sign up at a local gym with a group of friends!

5. The fifth step involves having an appearance that can make you look taller. Try to wear clothing with vertical stripes - they can make you appear taller. Have a good grooming routine and if possible, grow your hair to be bigger as that too can make you look taller. If you really want it, you can also wear thick shoes with soles in them which can give you an instant height boost.

6. The sixth step involves the utilization of a good height system. A height system can guide you towards increased height and it can safely help to boost your height and growth rate. 

7. Eat healthy foods and don't forget your vitamins! You need calcium and phosphorus for proper growth - so make sure your getting all of your nutrients, otherwise use supplements.

8. Drink 8 glasses of water and when trying to consume foods and drinks rich with calcium and protein, go for things like milk, cheese, chick peas, kidney beans, lentils, tuna, beef, chicken and etc.

9. Eat in portions, many times throughout the day - this helps keep your metabolism at a good rate, which helps to burn your fat quicker.

10. As stated before, sleep for around 7-9 hours each night and make sure your pillow and mattress are comfortable. The ambiance has to be perfect!

11. Try to make it a life-long habit to maintain a good posture.

12. A good exercise for growth is to hang from a monkey bar - that way, there is the force of gravity pushing down on you and there is your own strength and force keeping you in place - it is a really good stretching exercise.

13. Eat only lean cuts of meat and consume only low-fat dairy!

14. Don't forget to eat a small meal about 3 hours before you sleep.

15. Make sure to sleep during the night and not during the day - it keeps you off balance.

16. Make sure you get the form right, when you exercise - use the guidance of an expert as needed the one provided in the booklet when you place an order.

17. Be aware of scam height increase products - most grow taller products are not even certified. Sinotech is the only certified company that has a clinic with an address and a doctor.

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Additional Tips:

1. Consider yoga. This type of exercise is not only important to help them relax, but the movements are used to push his body. Over time this form of exercise will help you improve your posture and improve your bone strength. More stretch the body is causing the space that occurs between the vertebrae of your spine and the bones begin to round away from these areas.

Improving Posture

Just by having better posture, you may be able to increase your height by up to 4 inches. Here is the correct upright posture, according to SpineOne Orthopaedics: "First, take a look in a full-length mirror. When standing, your head should be over your shoulders, which should not be thrown back. There should be a natural curve to your lower back; your pelvis should be level; and your abdomen should be pulled in. Straighten your knees, but don't lock them. Finally, your weight should be equally distributed on both legs."

Swimming and Sprinting

Certain exercises can help you grow taller, such as swimming and sprinting. When you are swimming and your body is in the water, there is less gravity weighing down on your body, opening up bone areas and allowing them to fill with new bone tissue. Swimming is also a great way to relieve stress, which can inhibit growth. Try to swim at least three times a week for optimal results.

Quick body movements, such as sprinting, release high amounts of HGH (human growth hormone). The longer you can continue sprinting, the more growth hormone will be produced by your body. Since sprinting involves mostly the legs, they will benefit the most from the release of HGH, which can increase your height the most.

Back Stretches

Stretching your back can help to lengthen the spine and relieve tired muscles that may contribute to poor posture. A popular stretch is as simple as hanging upside down. This will open the vertebrae in your spinal column, creating more space between and encouraging your body to create more bone to fill in the space. The safest way to do this is to find a comfortable position and strap your legs to prevent falling. Don't hang longer than 20 minutes as this may actually damage your back.

For another good back stretch, stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and clasp your hands together behind your back. Keep your arms straight and bend forward as far as you comfortably can, exhaling as you go forward. Hold your breath and stay in that position for five seconds, then return to standing. Release your breath, then arch backward and stretch your arms up and back, as if you're yawning.


  1. The first thing in gaining height is food with proteins so we must be aware of
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