Friday, February 25, 2011

How To Grow Eyelashes

We receive a lot of questions from our readers and one of the hottest topics that always seems to come up is the question, “Do eyelashes grow back?” The short answer is yes, so long as your lids and eyelash roots are healthy. Even if you cut, pluck, or pull out your eyelashes they will grow back in time but patience in the key. Below are some additional answers and tips to help you regrow your eyelashes and keep them looking healthy and beautiful.

How Will Eyelashes Grow Back?

Eyelashes almost always grow back as your eyelashes just as any other hair on your body will grow in cycles. Hair follicles on our bodies are turned on and off in phases. The hair grows, falls out, and regrows. In some cases how the lashes were lost can make a difference as to the time frame the lashes will grow back. For example, if you pluck the lashes from the root, it can take as long as 3 months for them to completely grow back. Lashes can take as little as a month to grow back if they are only broken off due to becoming brittle or have been trimmed or cut.

How To Grow Eyelashes

Basically patience is the key when waiting for the regrowth of your eyelashes. There are a few eyelash growth enhancers on the market that you can purchase to help you grow your lashes quicker but there are some serious side effects to consider. If you are looking for an in between choice, you might consider semi orpermanent eyelashes where you would go to a cosmologist and have some individual lashes professionally glued to the sites where you lost lashes. Or you could apply individual eyelashes for a while until your natural lashes grow back, just make sure you only use the adhesive that comes with the lashes from a reputable company Place the adhesive on the thin strip of eyelash, and let the adhesive dry slightly before placing it ABOVE) the lash-line, not on the lashes themselves. If you must put them on your lashes, place two coats of mascara on the tops of your natural lashes, to provide a barrier for the adhesive to stick to. When removing, start from one corner of the lashes and gently holding down your natural lashes, beginning pulling up the false eyelash, one small section at a time. This should protect your lashes. Finally you might like to try some homemade remedies to grow eye lashes. There are two simple recipes below you can try just always be careful when working with products around your eyes.

Homemade Remedy to Grow Eye Lashes

Petroleum Jelly Eye Lash Mask
Dip your fingers into some petroleum jelly. Use your fingers or a cotton q-tip to apply the petroleum jelly to your lashes nightly. Leave on your lashes for five -ten minutes then use soap and water to rinse the petroleum jelly from your lashes before going to bed.

Olive Oil Bath

Using a small paint brush or cotton q-tip dip the applicator into the olive oil and brush on the olive oil onto your eyelashes before bed. Leave the olive oil on overnight and wash your eyes in the morning. Repeat application nightly.
If you are looking for something instant to help regrow your lashes, one of the better lash conditioners is Lilash- read more about it and read the reviews below.


  1. Wow! Such a wonderful tips you provide. I follow you homemade remedy for eyelash grow. Can't wait to try this for my self.

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  3. This is perfectly fits with my problem. My lashes broke off, I think it's because of my previous mascara that I used. I will surely practice those tips above! Thank you, please keep on posting! I'll follow :)