Friday, February 25, 2011

How To Stop Hair Loss

How to Stop Hair Loss

taking care of your hair will stop hair lossTaking good care of the hair you have left may not stop hair loss, but it could slow down the process.Comb your hair gently, and after a shower, let your hair air dry rather than attack it with a blow dryer or towel. Perms and hair treatments such as dyes won’t damage your hair unless you do these things incorrectly or too often. Not eating a balanced diet can also speed up hair loss, and in cases of an eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia – malnutrition can be the cause of hair loss.
When other, less intrusive treatments have failed to stop hair loss, surgery is an option. There are many things to consider before pursuing this kind of hair loss treatment. First of all, it is very expensive, and most insurance companies won’t cover it. Secondly, there are many out-of-date facilities using methods no longer endorsed by the American Hair Loss Association – and some practices might accept your money, even though you aren’t a good candidate for the operation. Make sure to ask the doctor to see and talk to previous patients. Call your local medical board and the Better Business Bureau to search for complaints.
Many people who can’t stop hair loss opt for a hairpiece or wig rather than surgery. Not all hairpieces are made equal, as the craftsmanship, cost, materials, attachment style, and even the hair itself can vary widely. So again, shop around for your specific needs. This, personally, would be the hair loss treatment I choose; I always enjoyed playing “dress-up” as a child, and it would allow me to sport hairstyles never before possible with my fine, flimsy hair.

What If I Can’t Stop Hair Loss?

It’s strange that hereditary hair loss, or androgenic alopecia, isn’t even a disease, given that so many researchers and patients are seeking a way to stop it. Hereditary hair loss in no way takes away your energy, youth, or virility; it simply may take away your self confidence. If you have done everything you can to stop hair loss, but nothing works, it can be very frustrating. If your hair loss is causing you to avoid social situations (social anxiety) or it is causing you to become depressed, I recommend either seeing a therapist or going to group therapy. It may not be for everyone, but enough people have regained their self worth while battling conditions far worse than hair loss through the support of therapy.


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